Welcome to WBSA
This is a free web service for analysis of Whole-Genome Bisulfite-Sequencing (WGBS) and Genome-wide Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing (RRBS) data.
WBSA not only focuses on CpG methylation, but also allows CHG and CHH analysis. BWA is incorporated as its mapping software. WBSA can be applied to DNA methylation researches for animals and plants and it provides advanced analysis for both WGBS and RRBS. It can also identify differently methylated regions (DMRs) in different strings. WBSA includes six modules: Home, WGBS, RRBS, DMR, Documents and Downloads, and provides the executable package for downloads and local installation.
WGBS and RRBS modules include four main steps: pre-processing of reads and reference, alignment to the reference, identification of methylcytosines and annotation. DMR module includes DMRs identification and annotation of the correlative genes.
A concise workflow is shown in the following charts:
In this web service, users can upload the NGS bisulfite sequencing data, fill in some necessary parameters, and then click the "Submit" button to create a task. WBSA can handle user's request and execute the task in preset server, which is a powerful linux cluster server. While beginning and finishing the task, an auto-email will be sent to user if the email address is available, then users can check uploaded parameters, monitor the task or view the results.
WBSA provides a simple data processing method (pipeline) and the free computational resources for users. It will be helpful for the biologists and bioinformaticians who are working on DNA methylation.
WBSA is available now for both online and offline. Features for researchers include:
    ♦  Easy to use web-based application
    ♦  Short reads mapping and result report
    ♦  Sequence annotation based on UCSC, TIGR, et al.
    ♦  Data mining on sequence alignments and text annotations
    ♦  Analysis and annotation of methylation level, mC distribution, and ratio et al. (including CG and non-CG)
    ♦  Correlation analysis between methylation level and gene functional regions, repeat regions, CpG islands, and DMRs( different methylation regions) et al.
Contact us
WBSA is developed and maintained by Beijing Institute of Genomics(BIG),Chinese Academy of Sciences. The network server and related software are only free of charge for non-commercial users. If you have any feedback or question concerning the tools or data on this website, please feel free to contact us at wbsa@big.ac.cn.
What's new in WBSA?
  Fix the algorithm for methylation level statistics.(2013-05-27)
  The FTP module is added to this site to solve big data transferring.(2013-05-10)
  The executable package can be downloaded from this site freely.(2013-03-22 )
  The DMR module launched. (2013-02-15)
  Genomes of 10 species and its transformed sequences are integrated in this pipeline. (2012-12-20)
  The WGBS and RRBS modules are launched. (2012-12-20)
  WBSA is released to public, user can use it freely. (2012-12-20)
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