WGBS Analysis
 Test Data
 Demo result
Raw data size: 2.8 GB
Time used: 5.5 hours
Species: Rice(TIGR)
Upload raw data
Raw data must be FastQ format and we recommend to be compressed(*.zip or *.tar.gz), each compressed file should be less than 2GB if use HTTP model, otherwise please use the FTP model.
Launch with test data (Rice ,2.8 GB ,reads number 15,617,000)
NOTE: the HTTP model does not support resuming of file transfers, so please make sure the network is available and stable.
T-rich sequence file
A-rich sequence file
How to use the FTP model:
    Step 1: Send an email to wbsa@big.ac.cn for applying the FTP account and assign-code.
    Step 2: Upload your data using FTP software (for example: FilleZilla, http://filezilla-project.org) according to feedback information.
    Step 3: Input the assign-code and click "OK" button.
    Step 4: Select the uploaded data and click "Transfer files" button.
Please input the FTP assign code
Draw quality picture
This shows picture about quality distribution of the uploaded files (reads).
Draw quality picture